Oh, the wonderful noise

This is my mommy musings page! I would love to sit and share my heart and my thoughts with you.

As I sit to write this, I realize two things… (1) there are very few times in our family’s comings and goings where the house is quiet unless we are sleeping and (2) I have learned to love the noise.

Can not the same be said about our Christian walk? We first come to Christianity thinking it will suddenly transform our lives into this boring, almost non-existence? And then suddenly before we get the pages on our bibles open, we are thrown into a frenzied, constantly changing marathon type of life! A wonderfully chaotic life where we exist to glorify God and He exists to show us more of Himself as we maneuver over the hurdles.

My life has taken me to places I could never have imaged, ways I would never have chosen, all for a life I would never trade.

What can I say? I just love the noise!


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