I’m an olive?

During times of difficulty it’s always easy to ask “why.”  But I find the specifics are rarely answered during the difficulty.

As I sit here, in the midst of the some of the most difficult circumstances I’ve dealt with I am reminded of the Ancient Olive Press.  I doubt the olive knows how much wonderful oil is inside of it prior to being pressed.  I wonder if the Olive realizes its full potential before meeting the press? I doubt it does. I am quite certain the olive doesn’t realize that it is going to be pressed.  I am also certain that the olive doesn’t enjoy the pain of being pressed, having its insides literally squeezed out.  However, we would never have our olive oil (which has so many uses) without olives being pressed.

I suppose this is what Christ is saying to us during our trials.  “You don’t realize the beauty within you but if you will allow me to press you, you will soon realize your full potential. You are capable of so much more than you even realize.”

Thank you, Lord for the press if it gets us closer to our destiny!


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