Its Magic

I found the magical key to living a happy life.  Ok, not really but what I did stumble upon is the sad truth about why so many Christians (myself included) do not move from one place in their walk to whatever the “next level” is for them.

I was already a Christian but I did not realize that God really cared about every detail of my life.  And contrary to what some may believe, the act of accepting Christ does not change every single aspect of our lives.  Just like marriage alone does not strengthen a relationship!  If the relationship is sour to begin with, what you will have (in the marriage) is a legally bound sour relationship accented by expensive rings.

But here’s the good news: accepting Christ is the first step on the way to complete healing.  Once you surrender the first time to Christ, it becomes easier to surrender other areas, including the day-to-day hurts and pains that come along on our journey.  And trust me, anyone who has walked this journey with Jesus knows that it is a daily process of giving yourself (hurts, pains, good & bad) to Him.

The sad truth is that even a Christian can have a miserable existence because Christianity is not a once-and-done type deal.  This Christian life is a relationship and the only way to make any relationship work is to spend time getting to know the person.  We typically do not decide to date someone and then ignore them for the next year (especially not if we want that relationship to work).  So today I challenge you to treat this relationship with Jesus just as you would a new boyfriend or friend and spend time getting to know Him (through reading the bible, prayer, quite time and worship).

If I’m honest, this is not the way I’ve always treated my relationship with Christ and so that is why I feel that I did not grow out of the infancy stage in my Christianity and into maturity for some time. (Disclaimer: I do not claim to have “arrived” anywhere so please know that is NOT at all what I’m saying).

Since maturity in Christ is dependent on our first move, why not choose to know more? James 4:8 tells us that if we draw near to Christ, He will draw near to us.  According to that passage, we make the first move.

So this week I am challenging myself (and all of you) to have some discipline and spend time getting to know the greatest Love to ever have walked the Earth.  It may not quite be “magic” but it is the first step in going from existing to truly living!


One thought on “Its Magic

  1. Good encouragement! No matter how long we’ve been saved, we need to treat out relationship with God like a new love, where we are constantly seeking and pursuing Him 🙂

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