Jesus Wept

I find it funny that one of the first verses that ever stuck out to me even before starting my relationship with Christ is John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”

There is something so human, so profound about the Son of God come to Earth spending time weeping. It shows a side of his character that draws me to Him even more.

Weeping isn’t just a cry that occurs when you stub your toe. No, weeping comes from the very depths of your being. It happens after days/months/years of pent up frustration, sadness, anxiety or trouble. And it comes from a place few care to venture at all.

Weeping happens from years of believing you aren’t good enough. Weeping happens when you are so scared that you don’t even want to formulate words to describe the feeling. Weeping happens when we experience deep loss. Weeping happens when the one who promised to love you forever turns in betrayal.

Today, I offer the comfort I have found: Jesus wept. He wept out of pain and anguish. He understood the sorrow of losing and being betrayed. He knew being misunderstood and feeling abandoned. He saw the effects of a sin ravaged World. And He wept.

So allow Jesus’ tears to wash over your broken places. As you weep, cast your cares, concerns, pain and suffering onto His feet as the tears fall from your eyes.  And let the tears of a Savior comfort you and remind you that if no one else does, He understands.


One thought on “Jesus Wept

  1. I love that Jesus wept over the sadness of others. Our emotion makes Him emotional, and His emotion is pure. Ours is often selfish or distorted, but Jesus could reason and understand beyond the moment and it still moved Him. I don’t know if I could house that sort of compassion!

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