Heavenly Partnership

As I begin to write this post, I must give a disclaimer… This may not be a big revelation to anyone but me.  If its not, I am totally ok with being the last person to “get this” because I understand its importance in my life. I have been reading through the Beth Moore devotion on “Jesus” there have been so many things that have inspired me.  Today’s inspiration came in light of an anxiety I didn’t even realize I had.

You see, we are expecting our 2nd Princess to make her grand arrival any day now.  Although I have pushed this thought to the far away depths of my brain, I have had the lingering worry that I will somehow not be able to make this work.  We also just moved to a new house last month in order to plant a satellite campus for MorningStar Fellowship in the Fall. This means that hours will be longer, we have transitioned churches once and will be getting ready to launch our own site so we’ll be transitioning again, all while getting used to having a newborn in the house (which already has an almost 4-year-old).  Enough to make any Mom fret (I hope…if not, its ok I give you permission to lie to me).

The entire time, I’ve been telling myself it will all be fine using Philippians 4:13 “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”  It was head knowledge but not really soul knowledge.  So, I doubted that I was up to the challenge.  I worried about handling a newborn, maintaining the partnership with my husband we so enjoy, helping with the church plant, not allowing my 4-year-old to be raised by the TV and somehow maintaining some sense of self in the process.  (Yes, I will admit I worry about the bags under my eyes and not looking like I just woke up at all times of the day).

But today, as I studied Luke 5:1-11 (Jesus & Simon “partner” together so that he catches so much fish it nearly sinks them!), I realized something.  This life isn’t just about working FOR Jesus, but rather working WITH Jesus.  For whatever reason, which is way beyond me, the King of the Universe decides that whatever we do, we can do WITH Him.  That means that no matter how big or how small the task at hand, He wants to partner with us.  And with Jesus as our partner, how can we not succeed?  So I gained a new perspective on “I can do all things…”  I can do all things not because of anything I can actually do but rather because I have THE BEST partner in the entire Universe.  The One who created these children will partner with me in raising them.  The One who wants to see souls saved even more passionately than Dustin or I, will walk the journey with us as long as we stop to remember He wants to help us! 

So today, in light of this revelation, I say… BRING IT ON.  With Jesus by my side, I know that I can not lose.  I’m human so I’m bound for mistakes, but He is the eternal grace giver and I am thrilled to be on His team. Amen?


2 thoughts on “Heavenly Partnership

  1. You know I’m pretty sure you knew all this already, but it sounds like God personally revealed it to you,,, so now it’s not just communicated knowledge, it’s revealed knowledge that you believe deep in your heart. That makes all the difference!

    • Exactly. I “knew” it but never lived it, I guess is the best way to say it. I now have taken in the revelation and can live accordingly. God is so good at doing that!

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