As I sat with the tv on this morning I half heard Andrew Womack mention that you can die of thirst while standing at a well.  I must be honest, I have no clue why he said it. I had all but tuned him out (his slow, southern speech were just not doing it, especially pre-coffee). But, I digress.

That quote is deep. Especially for me. I have sensed God so many times reminding me to speak life into situations as opposed to the negativity we are typically surrounded with in this world. I know to do it, but don’t always use that knowledge in this life.

How many of us have studied scripture upon scripture but have not internalized it?  We then wonder how we are dying of thirst if we are standing at the Well.  “Well,” (yep I know that was a cheesy pun bear with me) it is because we have not yet chosen to drink.

I am not sure what your situation is. Perhaps, it’s walking in the favor God wants to pour out, digging deeper into your relationship with Christ or starting a relationship with Jesus for the first time. Whatever your well is, our challenge today is to not just stand there.

You are already at the well. Dig deep and drink!


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