Dire circumstances to Destiny

Driving to a Dr’s appointment yesterday I began to ponder the message our Pastor (Steve Defrain) brought on Sunday. It’s content was primarily taken from the story of Job.  He taught that because Job did not give up in his season of distress, he was blessed two fold in the latter part of his life.

So many times we face hardship and feel as though its going to consume us. Trust me, I know the feeling. That feeling of disappointment, overwhelming circumstances, hurt to the point of nausea or feeling that your insides are being torn apart. There are times when we face circumstances that make us feel as though our heart is literally shattering in two.

In those times, take heart, friend.  God is teaching us, showing us His perfect love in ways we may not understand.

Who ever said life was meant to be easy? Who got us to buy into the fact that perfect love gives us everything we want, when we want it, without ever facing struggles?  It is quite the contrary. In fact, Jesus teaches that to follow Him we must “die to self (John 12:24-26; Romans 8:13).  The amazing part is that He doesn’t just leave us in a stage of death, but rather brings us into life. Jesus himself says that He came “to bring us life and life to the full” in John 10:10.

Perhaps the key to happiness isn’t a life without heartache but rather a full life in which each heartache makes us better. As each struggle brings us closer to our Destiny then isn’t it worth it? If each tear that falls somehow brings us to our knees in search of Christ, then who are we to say they are unwelcome?

I don’t always understand why I go through the things I do but I am sure glad my life is in the hands of the One who does. And I’m eternally grateful that I know that Jesus loves me through it all.


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