Proverbs 31- Is this chic for real?

From the very first time I encountered her, I knew I didn’t like her.  She is one of  “those types.”  You know, the wife with the tiny waist, Madonna arms (regardless of what you think of Madonna, her arms are KILLER) and perfect hair that is always dressed to the nines.  And if that wasn’t enough to make you want to gag, her husband looks at her lovingly and her children not only have all their clothing in the proper places but they are well-mannered and sweet.  Who is this masked woman you ask?  Well so long as ALL of the bible is actually God inspired (and I know that it is) then this is who I imagined that annoying chic from Proverbs 31 to be.  In my mind she is a June Cleaver-like homemaker, Donald Trump-like businesswoman and sex goddess wife.

When I first read Proverbs 31 I aspired to be that woman.  Then I got married and thought WHO IS THIS WOMAN?  I can’t be like her, this surely was written by some unhappy husband! But since I know that God put everything in the bible for a reason I’ve decided that there must be more to these 21 verses in Proverbs than the “worth more than Rubies” verse although that one has been a keeper in my book since day 1.  Had the writer added instructions to BUY us  Rubies I would have dug that little verse even more.  But alas, God did not seek my opinion on these verses so it remains the way its always been.

My love/hate relationship with this woman is leading me on a journey that I am hoping you will share with me. Let’s find out how the “Proverbs 31 wife” relates to women- young, old, single, married and everyone in between.   So won’t you journey with me as we read her story and write our own?


4 thoughts on “Proverbs 31- Is this chic for real?

  1. Yeah, this is a hard one to live up to…but so is living up to the life of Jesus. Both we should aspire to do. It’s all part of the journey we take with Christ when we ask him to come into our hearts. What a roller coaster, but at least God is in the roller coaster cart with me, so most of the time I feel I can let go of the handle and raise my arms and enjoy the ride, as I see what turns God will bring next. 🙂

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