Refiner’s Fire

I have been going through some pretty intense testing lately. I realize there are some out there who believe that God doesn’t “test” us but I believe that while He may not be the one that MADE Potipher’s wife fall in lust with Joseph (which subsequently landed him in jail), God definitely used this trial to grow Joseph’s faith.

Such is the season I feel that I’m in.  A wilderness season, if you will. I recently shared that my grandmother passed away in September. During that very difficult time my husband was at a training he simply could not get out of (read more about that HERE). I am now facing the first Holiday season without my Grandma. Everything just seems so different and many times I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark.

As these events and a myriad of others have been playing out in my life, I began pondering what difficult seasons SHOULD look like. Are we to stand up and pretend that everything is ok? I would hope that the answer to that is certainly not! While there is some trepidation with being transparent, anything less would be living a lie! So what then? How do we get through these difficult times?

I’m not sure what it looks like for you. And I would never want to act like there is one specific road to take.  But what it has meant for me is that I am spending more and more time getting to know my Healer. While I haven’t needed physical healing, I have had to go to Jesus over and over for emotional healing. It has meant that my bible is a little more worn out as I cling to the hope that I know is available for me. After all, I know that my hope is not in people, but in Christ.

I’m not sure what your “wilderness season” looks like but I do know that during these seasons we are being refined as silver (Psalm 66:10). The beautiful thing about being refined is found in the silver purification process. You see, silver, when it first comes into the hands of the silversmith is full of impurities. The way the Refiner can make it into something valuable is by first placing it into a fire. The fire burns away all the things that don’t belong. The most incredible thing about this is found in the way the handler knows that the silver is complete. He knows it is done when He can see His reflection in it!

Isn’t that just like our God? He loves us so too much to leave us with all the ickiness and filth that we come to Him with. Instead of giving up on us, He sets us in the Refiner’s fire to burn away all that doesn’t belong until what is left is what He knew was in there all along. A beautiful reflection of the Master Artist.

I’m not sure what you are going through today. But I pray that you take heart! When we are done in the fire, we will look more like Jesus.


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