In the desert

I wonder what Moses thought as he sat tending his father in law’s sheep in the desert. Woe is me, perhaps?  He made a move none of us would choose to make.  He went from living in the literal lap of luxury as the son of the Princess to tending sheep in the wilderness. 

There are seasons in our life when we, just like Moses, come to a desert place.  A place where we may find ourselves feeling abandoned and all alone. As a Pastor’s wife (and as a friend) I find myself hearing countless stories of people that are struggling in their desert place.  I don’t always know what to say, I don’t even always know how to “rationalize” my own desert seasons!  

But something I do know is this: God always makes a way.  Moses’ desert experience was part of his being weaned from those things that were instilled in him in the palace.  Those things which would have kept him from fulfilling his God given Destiny. 

These desert seasons are part of God’s pruning process.  While they hardly ever feel good, they are absolutely a part of bringing us to beauty from ashes!  We are the King’s handy work and He is ever pruning us to ensure that we are walking in the way He has for us.  And that way is so much better than anything we could ever imagine.  

I doubt Moses ever dreamed he would lead an entire people group to freedom.  But God knew before the formation of the earth that He had big plans for him.  Just like He has for you!

So today as we are just entering 2012 I encourage you to seek God (even in your desert place) and find where He is leading you this year.Image


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