My favorite old tshirt

I have a tshirt that has been around the block a few times with me. You know the kind that is tried and true. Always comfortable. Feels good with jeans or sweats no matter the season. Do you have a favorite tshirt? It may not be anything fancy but it just gives you that “at home” feeling.

I have some friendships like that too. So easy to slip into. They bring “home” to any conversation and make me feel good no matter the circumstance.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we haven’t had our share of “tumbles” in the dryer or a few rips or stains along the way. Somehow, even the “imperfections” fit perfectly and add character.

Today, I am grateful for my tshirt friends! For the tshirts that have gone the distance and for the new ones that get added along the way. After all, the key to any wardrobe is to build along the way!

So cheers to my friends out there!! I love you.

{For more information about the Biblical Friendship ministry, check out}


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