I would never claim to be a writer…

I am have never claimed to be a fantastic writer.  In fact, I hardly have ever claimed to be a writer at all.  Thanks to my nerd side and the fact that I love English and reading, I can manage to formulate a sentence fairly well.

I don’t write because I think I’m a fantastic writer or because I feel as though what I find must be told and I MUST be the one to say it.  I write because it is through the written word that I am able to capture moments.  Just like a photographer can capture moments through his pictures.  They are frozen in time; saved so that others can be a part.

So often I find that moments beg to be captured.  Times of fear and sorrow or times of courage and joy.  More often than not, it is some combination of them all. I have found that God wants to speak to us in ALL times.  In those moments, when He is speaking so clearly or teaching me or hanging back so that I can learn a lesson, I know that writing can help me to capture the feeling or lesson.

Sometimes I feel as though I stumble upon the truth.  It is more likely that there are times when it seems that the truth “falls into my lap.”  But I know better, I know that it is more like God making neon signs for me when He is trying to teach me something. At other times, I seek the truth in a particular area and I find that when I am seeking wisdom from God, He never disappoints.

Regardless of how I happen upon the truth, writing helps me to clarify it.  I often don’t even want to share what I’ve written.  I feel as though I hardly have anything that I could teach anyone.  And then I am reminded.  Its not about what I am teaching, but rather about what God is teaching.  I know that He is just amazing enough to take my stumblings, my ramblings and banter and use it for His Glory.  Not because of me but because of Him.

How do you express yourself? What brought you to that place?


One thought on “I would never claim to be a writer…

  1. Aside from writing, I express myself with song. It’s something I’m not really awesome at but enjoy so much that I’ll never stop. I’m that girl making up songs for just about everything going on…and the chick singing so loud in the car you hear it in the next lane. Somehow I’m also kinda shy about it. 😉

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