I was… He is

I used to pride myself in how strong I was.  I never wanted to need anyone and always wanted to do it all on my own.

It wasn’t until I began my relationship with Christ that I realized just how foolish that is.  We aren’t wired to do things on our own.  Sin has left this world ravaged and the effects of our sin can be overwhelming.  Sometimes other people’s sin or selfish desires weigh down on us causing us to feel helpless and alone.

I have learned that no matter how hurt I am, how helpless I feel or how desperately I want to shrink away that the feelings are only temporary.  The hurt, pain and sadness can be welcome because they lead me to where I can find healing and restoration: Jesus.

When family & friends turn their back on me? Jesus understands one of his best friend’s traded his life for silver. When someone else’s words have cut me like a knife? Jesus understands those He came to save were the very ones shouting “crucify Him.” When life seems hopeless? Jesus understands- He walked the very Earth I walk and sees the way it is.

When the storms come I am now glad for the weakness I feel. I know that through that weakness, God’s strength is made perfect.  He alone deserves the glory, not me.  I have seen His hand move so powerfully through my life and the lives of others that each difficulty has now become a chance for me to see what God can do!  In the 8 years since I gave my life over to Christ, He hasn’t failed me once which is more than I can say for any human being.

Some days I don’t feel what I know to be true.  Those are the very days that He shows up & reminds me that He ‘ is our refuge and strength. A very present help in times of trouble.’ (Psalm 46:1)

May we all find the refuge & strength we need in God.


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