Another baby on the way…

Hey friends,

I am writing to share some news!  Dustin & I (after YEARS of praying) have felt the Lord leading us to adopt.  He didn’t just lead us to adopt “at some point” like we imagined, but rather he led us right to our precious son who is waiting for us in Ethiopia.  We are head over heels in love & are in the midst of the adoption process as we speak.
This little boy is a true gift from God- the miracles surrounding his life & our adding him to our family are too numerous for one email BUT we can say with great certainty that God is absolutely in this.  We could not be more excited about having our baby home with us.  The adoption agency even waived the $10,000 international fee (which is UNHEARD of).
While one fee was waived, there is still a great cost associated with international adoption (to the tune of roughly $18,000).  We have the opportunity to earn a grant from a christian organization “Ordinary Hero.” This month, from July 5 – 25 if you purchase ANYTHING from the website: & use our affiliate code “Kipe, Dustin” you help us toward the goal of top selling affiliate which earns us a $1,000 grant on top of the 40% of every purchase that goes towards our adoption.  THIS IS HUGE!!  There is also a 2nd grant we can win for $100 for the affiliate who has the most charitable donations through the site (you can gift bibles, etc to children in need around the World through their site).  
EVERY SINGLE purchase helps.  Thank you so much for journeying with us as we look toward a future with our son by our side! 
We appreciate your prayers as we move forward in the process as well!  That God would protect our baby, keep him safe & move this along, guarding each of our hearts until the day we are united.  
Much love & blessings,
PS- If you can let your friends & family know as well, we would greatly appreciate all the help we can get! 

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