Oh for the love…

I’m learning so much about God as we are in the midst of this adoption journey.

The love that I have for our son, a deliberate, CHOSEN love is unlike any I’ve ever felt before. The love I have for my daughters is incredible, but this is different. This love has grown so much that my heart literally aches for my son. My arms feel as though they hurt to hold him. There is an intensity associated with choosing to love someone (much like spouses choose to love each other no matter what). And yet, this love feels beyond my control. It’s as though E has always been a part of our family, even though he has no clue who we are… YET!

As I sit thinking about my aching to hold my son, I am blown away at the comparison between adoption and how God feels about us. For a time, I did not know God but all the while He ached to hold me in his arms. Even as I went along my journey, oblivious to the fact that He was in the background all along, loving me, He didn’t take it personally but rather waited for the day we would be united.

What greater love is there than a Savior who CHOOSES to adopt us into His family. I am humbled to pieces at the thought & pray that you are too.


2 thoughts on “Oh for the love…

  1. I hope to adopt one day. But Imagine, God loves us just because without looking for nothing in return. Despite the fact that sometimes we ignore him, we sometimes get rude with him, we talk back to him, we are ungrateful for all he does for us, we neglect him in search for something else, we yearn to rebel. Oh wow, your entry is so deep if you think about it from God’s perspective.

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