It’s never too much

Someone recently said to me “Wow, $18,000 is a lot of money to adopt.” In the moment I just kind of shrugged my shoulders… It is, after all, what some people spend on a new car without blinking. How can you rationalize spending $18,000 on a car but not spending that on a life?

Then in my time with God, I began thinking about that and I sensed God speak – “you know it isn’t too much. What I spent on you wasn’t too much, either. Nothing is too much.”

Nothing would have stopped Jesus from going to the cross to save me (and you). There is no price He would not have paid because it was love that pushed Him to bridge the gap between our sin and His perfection.

Love pushes us to do things we may not have done before. Love alone kept Christ nailed to the cross and love raised Him from the dead.

I’m happy to say that love has pushed us to get our son and if I’m honest, there is no amount of money that would have stopped us from bringing him home with us.

It never costs too much to bring a child home. I’m so glad Jesus was the perfect example of that kind of love!



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