Why I don’t want relief from pain

     Not too long ago I sat on my couch, lacking energy and feeling plain ol’ sick. As I looked at my crawling baby and very busy 4 year old, I knew something needed to be done! Mommy’s do NOT get sick days! And little girls don’t understand that their Mom needs “to rest.”
     So, like every “good American” I walked over to my cabinet and reached for some pain reliever. However, that day I made the most astounding discovery (bear with me, it felt astounding to me). I realized that based on it’s very name, all I would be doing is masking the pain! This was nothing more than a RELIEVER!  This pain my body was experiencing was a real drag to me but I knew it had a purpose. In its current state, that pain was keeping me from doing all the laundry, running around and the zillion other things that are normally packed into my day. And so I came to the conclusion that I really needed that pain to give my body the rest it desired so I could get better. I did not need to mask the pain, press onward as if it was never there because once the reliever wore off, I would surely regret that decision.
     In that moment, God spoke to me about our pain. When we see orphans in distress, Mothers without the means to care for their children or Fathers who are desperate to feed their families, we should feel pain! This is not the way life is supposed to be! But we are so used to masking our pain, that we see sadness and injustice, allow it to move us for but a fleeting moment and move on, pretending that the pain was either never there or had to be some sort of mistake.
     Friends, this is not the way we are meant to deal with injustice. When Jesus walked the earth, He showed His care for people by being invested in their pain. When Lazarus died, He did not simply feel sadness for a moment and push through it because of a prior ministry engagement! No, He stopped what He was doing and confronted the situation head-on.
     I believe that God expects us to do the same. I know what you are thinking: you can not possibly do something about every injustice in the World. I agree. BUT you can do something about the one injustice that makes your stomach sick. You know the one that brings tears to your eyes and makes you so angry that you feel as though you could lose it on someone if the opportunity presented itself. Find what your “thing” is and I bet you even find out what at least part of your purpose is.
     You see, pain was never meant to be ignored. God uses our pain to push us into our purpose. And He uses our purpose to bring the changes to the World He wants. So go out there and allow your pain to change the World!


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