Journey to Baby E update

We received our “completed” home study report today via email. It is not considered completed until we have the final $11,000-$12,000 as liquid assets.

Praying God performs some sort of miracle. We got new pictures of him today, but if I’m honest, I will tell you that this week I feel weary and tire of not being able to hold my son.

I am currently “putting my money where my mouth is” and trusting God even when it doesn’t feel good. I know that He has my back, and He is the one who loved us enough to join us in the first place. He WILL see this through to completion somehow and in the meantime, I praise Him for his provision, protection, love and care for my family (those with me & my son in Ethiopia).

Your prayers at this time are coveted as we move forward & greatly anticipate Baby E’s arrival.


2 thoughts on “Journey to Baby E update

  1. Praying for you Elisse- for strength in the waiting; for abundant provision; for the waiting time to be sped up; for Grace, Mercy, Peace and protection for your family and for baby E while he waits to join your family.
    Lets agree to pray Ephesians 3 18-22-He can do exceedingly abundantly, more than we could ever dare to ask or imagine.
    Have subscribed to get updates.
    Believing that there is great power in praying The Word, as he is watching over His Word faithfully to perform it, and His Word always accomplishes the purpose for which it is sent forth. Also- if any two on earth agree concerning anything, it shall be done for you. LORD- we agree that you will answer our prayer exceedingly abundantly, in ways we could never dare to ask of imagine, and BLESS Elisse and her family and baby E. We ask all in the mighty name of JESUS. Shalom, dear one 🙂

    • God is amazing. I am so thankful that we are surrounded by so many who are encouraging us!

      You couldn’t have known that at the beginning of this year, way before any of the adoption came to be the Lord promised me that this would be our Ephesians 3:20 year. How fitting for Him to remind me of that at this time.

      Thank you for your obedience and sensitivity to the Lord. You have blessed me more than you could imagine!

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