Meet my son…

No, I can’t post pictures yet but I would like to share with you the incredible story of this small boy, who from 70,000+ miles away has stolen our hearts.

But I digress… Baby E was born in Ethiopia and left at a dumpster behind a police station.  The people who found him have no idea what happened to his birth mother. He was taken to an orphanage where the women there were basically passing the time until he passed on. You see, he was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). My poor boy wasn’t even given a name because they were just sure he would not survive. The orphanage did not have the means to even find out what was wrong with him, let alone get him treatment.

God sent a woman (who has become a sister to me now, but whom I’ve not even met in person – YET. LeAnne, we will meet one day!) Anyway, this woman asked about him, held him, fell in love with him, named him and proceeded to pray for him. But God did not allow her to merely feel sorry for him momentarily and then forget that he existed. God showed her visions of Baby E’s face and spurred her on. Her family advocated for him so that he not only got proper care, but raised enough money to literally save his life. God worked it out so that Baby E was able to get the surgery he needed when he needed it (the clinic told LeAnne that if he did not get the surgery he needed, he would surely pass).

She not only saved his life but she found an adoption agency to take him so that he would be on the adoptable list. He was transferred to another care center just as the other orphans in his home were being listed as unadoptable (I believe the orphanage he was in was shut down shortly after but I’m not positive about this detail).

So, his life was spared and his case brought to an adoption agency, all he needed now was a family. As LeAnne began to pray for Baby E’s forever family, I had a dream about pulling children out of the Ethiopian earth that was swallowing them. I did not understand this dream at the time but shared it with a friend & kept it tucked in my heart.

Aside from the dream, we began to feel an urgency to adopt. My Mommy-heart knew that someone was missing from our family and that God was working to unite us. We began to seek God & continuously heard Ethiopia but brushed it off because for us, it seemed impossible. I’m so glad that with God all things are possible.

Not only did God move so that $10,000 of the fee was waived, we got connected to Ordinary Hero to help us fundraise and people began sending us money to begin the process!

You see, it sooo isn’t about us. It is about God’s faithfulness. He loves us all so much! Even though He is the God of the entire universe, he saw a teeny little baby being born and put His hand on his life. Then He saw fit to unite us as a family.

I can not thank God enough for working out all the details thus far & I just have to believe that He has the rest all planned out.

Please join us as we pray for the final $9,000 to bring our baby boy home. I fully anticipate God will move mountains to unite us.

I look forward to the day when I am able to say that my boy is safe in our arms but for now, I am comforted to know he is safe in His! 


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