I don’t want to miss the dance

I don’t want to miss what God is teaching me. Sometimes, that means that during hard times I need to stop, breathe and focus on HIM instead of whatever questionable circumstance is ahead of me.

The bible teaches me that Jesus will give me peace during the storm. He proved to not be shaken by any inclement weather the world threw his way. Whether it was his friends scuffling to see who he loved more, a nap disrupted by some shaken comrades or those who once followed his every step yelling to have him crucified, he handle each situation with a grace I can only hope to have.

Some days the milk spilling seems too much for my nerves. Every day I need to walk in the knowledge that though my nerves may fail me, my God will not.

Today, in spite of whatever storm we are facing, I am just glad that Jesus promised peace. No. Matter. What.

We can walk in confidence knowing full well that God is completely in control. And that just needs to be enough. I’m so glad that time and time again He has proven that it is!

Besides, we get to learn something from each storm! Some days, it may simply be learning to let go and dance in the rain!


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