Mary left Jesus & I have too

I recently read in Luke 2:41 – 51 where Mary & Joseph left Jesus at the temple and didn’t find him for 3 days.  My inclination was to stick my nose up in the air as far as it would go and think “SOME parents they were!”  As a matter of fact, while I was way up there on my high horse, I thought about what an example they were to their children and friends.  

Their son, the very Son of God, was in their presence.  They were incredibly privileged to be raising him, caring for him (as any parents are to have their children) but clearly, he was special.  This was THE GIFT to the universe.  And they got so busy with their friends and family that they actually went so far as to forget their son.  But they didn’t just forget their son, noooooooo, they forgot THE SON.  Uhm, hello?  How clueless could Mary have been?
But before I was able to really get too far into my thought, I realized that they were busy.  And we all get busy.  Mary & Joseph were in Jerusalem for the Passover Feast so maybe I should cut poor Mary some slack.  The more I thought about it, the more that God gently nudged me.  Mary & Joseph were so busy doing things “for God” that they left the very presence of God behind.  
OUCH.  My hubby is a church planting Pastor & I like to think that we balance our many responsibilities well, but I know there have been times when I’ve gotten so busy doing things for God that I’ve moved out of the presence of God!  But for Mary & Joseph, it only took 3 days for them to realize that the presence of the living God was no longer walking among them.  I wonder how long it’s taken me to realize the same in the times I’ve gotten it wrong since I started serving God! 
I’m so glad that the Bible is a roadmap for us to follow as we get to know Christ and what it means to be a disciple of his.  And I’m especially glad that once I’m down off my high horse, God shows me those things we do wrong while lovingly reminding me that we can choose to do them better next time.
I pray that we never get so busy serving God that we forget we left him way back there, way back then. 

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