Update on Elijah

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’ve left something behind? Perhaps a purse or wallet or worst of all your cell phone? Without this item, you walk around feeling a little incomplete, ever knowing that something is missing.

This “incomplete” feeling is how we have felt since we laid eyes on our son. You know, if I’m honest, I confessed to a friend even before we found our son that it felt as though someone was missing. I knew he was somewhere waiting for God to unite us.

And then one day, God showed us our son & our lives haven’t been the
same. This adoption process has been a labor of love. A continual seeking of God, allowing Him to break and re-break our hearts as he refines our love for Elijah.

As he sits a half a world away, we pray daily for his protection, for
favor from his caretakers and for God to surround him with his angels.

We would do anything to have our son home with us. As wonderful as our
times together are as family, the ache that our son should be with us
is ever present.

At this point, we have put our faith in God, knowing that He desires us to be united even more than we do. He is a God of completion and our family is not complete until our baby is out of
that orphanage and in our home. So we trust God to help us. And He brought us to a fundraiser that I am so excited to explain:

We created a puzzle that says “Dustin, Elisse, Arianna & Tori praying for Elijah” surrounding by pictures of all of us. We are currently selling each of the 500 puzzle pieces for $10. Every time a piece is purchased, we write the name of the person on the back before we put it together. Once the puzzle is
compete, we will have all of the money necessary to bring our son home AND a keepsake to hang in our home to remind us all of the amazing support God brought to us to help us bring our son home.

You can read & donate more about the project here:

I pray that you would consider helping us in any capacity that you can: pray, donate or share this opportunity with others.

Thank you for journeying with us!



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