Missing him at Christmastime

This Christmas, I feel so incredibly blessed. While life is far from easy, it is a wonderful adventure full of hope-giving & receiving, family and friends.

This year, however, as we celebrate the birth of Christ, surrounded by so many loved ones, I am painfully aware of a little boy who has stolen our hearts over the past 8 months.

As we “tracked Santa” over our phones and looked to see if he had visited Africa, my heart ached as I wondered how my son celebrated the birth of Jesus. You see, I know there is no tree full of gifts for my baby. I know there is no Christmas eve service full of people wanting to love on him, no nana & pappy, grandma & grandpa or adopted grandparents scheduling time with him where he is. (But we all long to love on him here).

So this Christmas, in the midst of celebrating The Son, my heart ached to hold my son.

And even while I cried for him Christmas Eve, a letter we had received earlier filled us with hope! We received a letter stating our USCIS form was sent on to the processing center! This means we are one step closer to having our baby boy.

Life is full of ups & downs, great triumphs & great sadness but the one thing I am thankful for is a God who loves me so much He sent his Son so that I might live not just life but live it more abundantly!

While my heart aches to hold my son this year, I know we will have him with us next year and that brings unspeakable joy and gratitude!

Praying that you also found hope & love in the midst of whatever difficulty you may have been facing this Christmas!

Feel free to comment with any prayer requests you may have… I would be honored to pray for you!


7 thoughts on “Missing him at Christmastime

  1. 🙂 …..pray for you and your family and excited for the day you get to bring him home……fyi he now has an Aunt Cindy too! ….love you my dear friend!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, and cried as I read it…I am praying for you guys as I am so excited that you are adopting!! I’m traveling to China as a missionary to help in an orphanage for special needs children, and consider each one of the children there one of my children, but I am praying they all find a forever home. I know Elijah will be so blessed yo have you as a mommy, praying for you guys during this process!!

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