Thank you for journeying with us

I started thinking about this past year & really felt as though I wanted to take time to thank all of our friends and family for journeying with us this past year.

2011 ended with losing my Grandma, which was extremely painful for me. As we started 2012 I felt that it would be an “exceedingly & abundantly” year but I had no idea what that meant!

God was sure going to teach us what that meant! In 2012, we were gifted over $10,000 (retail) in things we needed! That alone would have been enough to blow me away but God did not stop there.

In March of 2012, we launched our satellite campus in Pottstown and met some of the most incredible people! We feel exceptionally blessed to be able to serve the people of Pottstown in this manner.

The biggest blessing, however, came in June when we fell in love with our son. We felt God leading us toward adoption but really imagined it would happen later in life. As we came upon his picture, Dustin and I both instantly knew that he was our son. We found the missing puzzle piece to our crazy family! To date, we have paid out, been gifted and fundraised over $16,000 toward bringing our son home! We are currently in the final stage and only need $1500 for travel expenses! How crazy is that?!

I am completely in awe of all that God has done this year. It hasn’t come without some heartache, heartbreak and difficulty but it has also strengthened my faith in God & my husband. I’m blessed to have fallen more in love with both over this past year.

I’m so grateful for this crazy life journey God is walking our family down which includes you! Thank you, for sharing in our good times, praying us through our difficult times and allowing us to be ourselves through it all!

Here’s to 2013! Can’t wait to see what God has in store this year!


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