My Birthday Gift

God gave me an early birthday gift yesterday. As we sat at the dinner table eating our meal, Arianna turned to me and said she couldn’t wait until her brother sat with us at the table.

My heart started to drop because I often think those thoughts as we go through daily life. I can’t wait until I have 3 munchkins to put in big old puffy jackets & head out shopping with. I can’t wait until I have 3 little tushies to get all clean before bed. I can’t wait until I have 3 kids climbing all over Dustin as he pretends to sleep on the floor after dinner. I just can’t wait.

But this is an adoption & wait we must. If I have to wait, I’m glad there is a little boy on the other side of it. I’m thankful that we are blessed to be changing the world for one, as I know he will change the world of all he comes in contact with!

Just then, my 5 year old’s voice broke through my thoughts. She asked when we would be able to go pick him up. I told her that we would have to go once in a month or so & then again a few months after that to finally bring him home.

And this is when I got my birthday gift… She asked if, in the meantime, we could purchase art & craft supplies for the children who will be left behind at the orphanage. She said they would probably need something to pass the time until their families found them like we found Elijah. And with a raspy voice, that comes from choked back tears, I told her that it would be my pleasure to do that!

You see, I would never-ever claim to be a perfect parent. Shoot most days, it’s only by God’s grace that I feel like what I’m doing is right but then He swoops in to remind me that He is forming our children into who He is calling them to be. And the beauty I’m surrounded with is astonishing.

Psalm 127:3 says “Children are a gift from The Lord.” Yesterday, I felt that the words of her mouth were a literal gift to my spirit.

So Happy Birthday to me from the God who gives life, through the eyes of an innocent little girl. My baby girl.

Praying that this day & all of those to come God would remind you of just what a gift the children around you are!


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