The tunnel is dark

As a kid, I was always afraid of the dark. Bad things happened in the dark. Monsters came out of hiding in the dark. It was in the dark that I felt so aware of all of my vulnerability.

You see, the dark makes us hyper-aware of the noises around us while simultaneously cutting off our ability to see what is making the noise.

Isn’t that just what happens in life? We face some circumstances where our vision seems to be cut off from all the noises we hear. The noises become too loud while our vision becomes almost non existent.

Today I read a Corrie Ten Boom quote I’ve never seen before. She said “when a train is going through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the Engineer.”

So much truth there that I desperately needed today. Yesterday, we found out that our adoption is currently pended because of some information that is missing. This would normally not be the end of the World except that it doesn’t seem that it is going to be easy (if it is even possible) to get that information.

But in the midst of circumstances that are dark and scary, I won’t throw away the ticket. I will continue to trust the God who has orchestrated this whole thing from the beginning. I trust that He has Elijah’s best interest at heart. He has a great big plan for our son and while I would prefer that the road was well lit and easy to travel, I believe that God is working this ALL out. Not only for the benefit of our family but for others as well.

The tunnel may be dark but my Engineer.. He has proven himself to be worthy of trust.

Perhaps this is why Jesus refers to himself as “the light of the World” in John. He himself renews vision. He is the light that came to show the way.

I don’t know what tunnels you may be going through today but I will pray for a renewed faith in your Engineer.


2 thoughts on “The tunnel is dark

  1. Brother Edward shared an analogy about light and darkness. Since yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how he said light doesn’t only chase away the dark, it reveals the reality. We often strain to see in the dark and find ourselves surprised by how different things really are from how we imagined them to be.

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