Court, Travel & Finances… Oh my!

Well things went from stand-still to warp speed!

We got an email on Saturday saying the court had approved our paperwork so we were now simply awaiting a court date (at this point, there is a typical 2 week waiting period). On Monday (2 days later) we received a phone call from a number we did not recognize. As I handed my husband his phone, I jokingly said “you better answer it, you never know, maybe we’ve won some money.”

It was so much better than having won money!! It was Susan from our adoption agency saying that we had received our court date! Not only did we receive our court date, but it was for August 2! A week and a half later!!

We are now in a flurry of planning where the kids will go & packing them, making all of our arrangements and packing us, getting all of our supplies for the orphanage that we are leaving there and making sure the dog is covered.

In the midst of this, we realized that what we expected the trip to cost is not what it will actually cost. We are depleting our entire Elijah fund on this one trip which means I will have to find the money for my next trip over there to get him.

But here’s what I know: for now, I am basking in the fact that in a little over a week I will be holding the son I’ve been so madly in love with for about 15 months now. And he gets to become ours officially (at least as far as the Ethiopian government is concerned).

I also know that my God is el roi – the God who sees and Jehovah Jireh- my provider. He has seen where we were going to end up financially before we even started the process and it isn’t shocking Him one bit. He also has promised to provide for us. He has all money at His authority and so we just have to figure out how He is planning on providing it to us.

So thankful that God sees all, provides for us and loves Elijah even more than we do!

I will update again when we get back! At that point, I will be able to share pictures of his handsome little face with all of you!


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