Baby E update from Addis

Elijah means “the Lord is my God.” And as I get to know him, I understand more fully why God gave that name to LeAnne for him.

You see, out drives to the care center where he is, show signs of the incredibly poverty that surrounds us here. And I know that I have not even begun to see what others who have come here have witnessed. Ethiopia has many trash dump areas that are home to children who wander the streets looking for food and money. Even on our walks to get dinner, we are literally swarmed by masses of children begging for food. There are woman and babies who sit on the streets begging for money. At BEST they are trying to scam tourists, but imagine the need that exists if sitting on a dirt road is your best option for income.

But even in the midst of that, we have found that Elijah reminds me that God is present. I so easily lose myself in his little face and laughter. I can’t help but to forget his challenges when you are looking into those beautiful brown eyes. And as we’ve been here, I have been privileged to witness my husband laying hands on him and praying for God to move on his behalf.

We’ve watched as he had become more alert, more aware of our presence. He also began to not only coo but giggle and finally laugh with us! And he has been moving his legs and arms a bit more today than yesterday. My prayer is that he would continue this until he is cruising along, chasing after his sisters.

I love him more than I could ever describe and nothing will change that, whether he walks or not. But I do also know that God is our healer and we are believing Him to perform miracles because we know that He has great big plans for our little Elijah. We are truly blessed that we get to be a part of this miracle baby’s life and even more blessed to call him son.

Thank you for your prayers!

Will update again on Friday with pictures of our boy once he is officially ours!


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