The final leg in our journey

simple fundraisersImagine my surprise when I glanced at the FB app on my phone to see a new message that read something to this effect – our family feels led to match up to $2500 for your adoption travel expenses.

Just that morning, I sat looking at the list of expenses (which totals approximately $5500) for the Embassy trip with the full knowledge that our entire travel budget was blown through for our Court trip. I sent up another prayer and reminded myself (via communication with God) that He is the one who set us on this journey and I wasn’t sure how on earth he was going to provide the funds, but I knew He would have to do it somehow because we just could not do it on our own.

You see, when God called us to adoption, international adoption *RIGHTNOW* wasn’t the initial plan. It was to perhaps begin collecting information on domestic foster-adopt or something that we could actually afford ourselves. But God had different plans for us and boy am I ever thankful that he began working in our hearts and lives to unfold His plans for the expansion of our family. You can read more about the story here. It has been quite a remarkable journey but I suspect God is not done blowing me away by showing me what He is capable of.

But I digress, at this point, we are about $5500 away from our total travel expense goal with about 6 weeks to travel when they say “GO.” This family has offered to match up to $2500 in donations, so if you can possibly give this could just about cover ALL of our travel.

Please consider giving so that we can bring our son home (where he belongs) & share this as you see fit.

Thank you all for journeying with us and not getting tired of the endless posts, prayer requests and talk of our son. We just love him so much and would do ANYTHING possible for him (including harassing all of you as God has led).

We love you all so much & pray God blesses you immensely as you continue your journeys.


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