You’ve Got Questions (I think)

Ever had any adoption related questions?  I’ve found that people typically have at least one question that they want to ask but are afraid to ask for one reason or another.

I would like to know what questions you have about pre-adoption, the adoption process or post adoption.  If I can’t answer the question myself,  I hope to direct you to someone who can. 

Feel free to comment your questions here or email me:

I’m looking forward to discussing one of my favorite subjects with you! 


7 thoughts on “You’ve Got Questions (I think)

  1. Prepare yourself. This is ridiculous.

    What was your experience with telling relatives about your choice to adopt? I’m borderline terrified someone is going to hate the idea.

    Dumb. Can you adopt and own a dog? {This is a legit fear of mine. Our dog is so sweet and small, but I wonder if having a a dog is frowned upon…irrational, I think, right?!}

    Do you know of any ministries that offer support and/or financial aid/grants to those looking to adopt a child with special needs?

    How did you decide on adopting from Ethiopia?

    Can you recommend any resources to help us decide on a country adoption program?

    Shoot me straight. What’s the real {albeit general} cost of adoption?

    Do you have any fundraising tips/suggestions that really worked out for your family?

    The idea of a home study causes my heart to palpitate. Is it a terrible experience?! How does one prepare?! Did you clean everything to the point of ridiculous and hide your PG-13 movies?!

  2. This is such a great idea!!! Thank you for doing this 🙂

    Kristen, wow! These are wonderful questions!! Very honest! Love it! I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to encourage you with one. We have a 130 lb Great Dane. She is the sweetest dog too! When we went to the info meeting for our agency a couple beat us to this same question bc they too have a huge dog. The social worker said as long as the dog won’t eat the baby we are fine. Haha! When she came to our first visit she said wow you have a huge dog and then moved on with the study. It was never an issue and if it was they would have told us! So don’t worry about that!

    Elisse, I have a question. Any tips on how to deal with all the waiting? Our twins have special needs. And I find the waiting to be a time of fear, anxiousness and a what am I doing kinda thing. I know this is where God is leading us, but I find I loose faith in what I am capable of enduring. I am going to God daily in prayer and asking for strength. But it’s always beneficial to ask others how they deal!

    Thank you again!

  3. What a great idea! I’m terrified of getting on the plane for a long flight with a new baby who won’t have a clue what’s going on and might not find me a comfort. I’m so worried about it. I don’t know what to bring, what to do when I need the bathroom or if he gets really really upset. The stupid thing is, I was a flight attendant for 3 years!!

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