Adoption Questions Answered – Part 1

I know there are times when I’ve wished that there was one place that I could go (without having to harass any specific person) to ask the adoption questions that have popped up in my mind throughout the journey.  

Today, I will be answering some of the questions you asked about adoption on the blog.  I can not tell you how excited I am to do this! So, without further adieu, here we go- 

1. What was your experience telling relatives about the adoption? 

For Dustin & I, we knew we had been praying about adoption for a LONG time before we started the process so for our family, it must have seemed like a shock! We were throwing this HUGE news on them that they weren’t prepared for AT ALL.  Some were a bit skeptical, some were worried about our finances (international adoption is expensive) and some probably thought we were off our rockers at first. But as they processed our huge news, they have all been incredibly supportive.  A few were supportive right away (as I knew they would be).  We are really surrounded with a phenomenal support system so they may not all understand WHY we have chosen this route but for the most part, at this point in the game (just a few months from bringing Elijah home), they are all anxiously awaiting him. 

1a. Just fyi – The anxiety of having to tell them nearly did me in, though. I was worried they wouldn’t get it, wouldn’t support us, and the list of what had me worried goes on and on.  The truth is that if they are supportive in other areas of your life, it may take some time to get used to, but they will be supportive of this too! 

2. Can you have a dog and adopt? 

Absolutely! We have a dog and all that the caseworker who was assigned our homestudy cared about was that he wasn’t going to eat any children and was up to date on shots. 

3. Do you know of any ministries that offer support and/or financial aid/grants to those looking to adopt a child with special needs?

Yes, and please bear with me, as more information on this topic is coming SOON! 

4.How did you decide on adopting from Ethiopia?

Ethiopia chose us.  Or rather, God began moving in our hearts about Ethiopia before we ever saw Elijah (I had dreams and continuously thought of this country prior to even starting the process!) 

5. Can you recommend any resources to help us decide on a country adoption program?

YES! There are so many fantastic ones.  The first thing I would suggest is to pray like MAD about a country.  Trust that God is faithful to lay a place on your heart.  You can simultaneously look for a great international agency and begin there.  More information about some highly recommended agencies is coming soon, too!
Hold onto your hats, kids.  God is up to something & I can’t wait to share what exactly He has in store! 

6. Shoot me straight. What’s the real {albeit general} cost of adoption? The average cost of foster-adoption is around $3,000.  Domestic infant adoption is somewhere in the $30,000- $35,000 range and International adoption can range anywhere from $25,000 – $40,000 or more depending on the country.  

7. Do you have any fundraising tips/suggestions that really worked out for your family?

Honestly, there are so many ways to raise funds that I will cover the different ways in a topic by themselves soon! No matter what avenue we have taken, the biggest thing was sharing our need with those around us.  People want to help more than we give them credit for. And God is faithful to see these things through. Let Him know your need and watch as the Master of Creativity lays some crazy cool ideas in your path!

8. The idea of a home study causes my heart to palpitate. Is it a terrible experience?! How does one prepare?! Did you clean everything to the point of ridiculous and hide  your PG-13 movies?!

It is NOT NEAR AS BAD as we make it out to be.  I seriously thought our caseworker was going to inspect every single nook and cranny of our house and try to find things that would disqualify us from adoption.  The truth is that they want to get to know you and make sure this is a good fit for your family and that no one is going through this begrudgingly. They also want to help talk you through the hard aspects of adoption. They are here as an asset to you, thinking of them in this light is a GAME CHANGER!!

Part 2 of the answers will be coming soon along with some BIG NEWS! Stay tuned!


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