My Road to You

During our family journey in the world of adoption, there have been so many times when I desired a place for adoptive families to be able to share, to go to find encouragement and be able to encourage one another as well.

As we continued along the journey, I also wanted a place where some of my common adoption questions could be answered. Don’t get me wrong, there are fantastic sites out there, but I continued to pray for one place to help satisfy those needs. In addition to desiring these things, I found that many of the emails, direct messages and fb questions I’ve received were adoption related.

As God continued to show me these things, I prayed someone would make such a place. And God chuckled because the someone He had in mind was me! Please know, I do not claim to have all the answers and I really never intended to be THE person to move on this, but alas, God had other plans!

With ALL that said, I’m so excited to announce my new endeavor, My Road to You: an adoption community where families can share, questions can be answered and hope for the road can be found.

I look forward to journeying with you all in this!


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