Dance of love

Have you ever had a moment where a smell, taste or sound takes you back to somewhere else? For just a moment you have been catapulted back to another place and time?

I just had one of those moments listening to my girls singing. I’m not sure what it was about what they were singing that suddenly put me back in my Grandma’s kitchen. There she was, cooking her normal pot of rice and beans which steamed up the entire apartment somehow. In this memory, I must have just done something to catch her attention because she twirled around, put the spoon down and began to dance around the kitchen with me.

I can so vividly remember the feeling I had that I mattered to her. If no one else ever cared about me, I would forever carry this knowledge with me that I was special, I was loved and I was important enough to stop whatever she was doing to pay attention to little old me.

She wasn’t perfect, far from it actually. As an adult, I have realized just how hard her life really was. She was forced to work to provide for her family sometime around the ripe old age of about 7. She cared for her Mother who was sickly and her brother and worked odd jobs outside of the home to provide for them. I can’t even reconcile that thought in my brain but I do realize that a difficult life had its effects on her.

Even so, she was one of the most nurturing, caring women you would ever have had the privilege to meet.

And in that moment, I was able to see a glimpse of how much I meant to her by the simple act of choosing to invest in me over the busyness of dinner.

I know that as a Mom, I will miss the mark… a lot. I pray that God would always show me ways in which I can do better; be better, because my children deserve the best, Christ- submitted version of myself I can present them with. I know that His grace is also sufficient to cover a multitude of wrongs, and that doesn’t fall short of parenting mistakes.

But I pray that I will not be so busy in the kitchen that I miss the opportunity to invest in the lives of my children. Just as Mary chose to sit with Jesus, I pray that I too will choose relationship (as the Spirit prompts) in spite of what needs to be done.

What is your best tip for getting things done while still making time for those you love?


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