Elijah Update

Some friends and family had a “virtual baby shower” for us this weekend. The coolest part about it was the fact that there were messages for us and Elijah that we were able to read. The messages were so beautiful and we began to just really thank God for the amazing community that we are a part of. I wanted to share with you the message I shared with them. I am thankful for each and every one of you who has journeyed with us in our ministry, family life and during our adoption. We are grateful for you!


When I sit down to really think about this journey we have been on, I am blown away at the support we have gotten. Dustin & I could never have made it this far without your support, prayers and love.

You’ve heard our dreams, extended a listening ear during the difficulties, prayed with us and encouraged us all along the way. You’ve offered to watch our girls, travel with us, donated time, money and supplies, all in the name of love.

We are abundantly blessed by each one of you. If there is good in us, it is a result of our relationship with Christ and strengthened by each one of you.

Thank you hardly seems sufficient but I pray that you hear our hearts in this. We could never have gotten this far without you.

And now… A little update on “the main event” – Baby E is officially ours as far as the Ethiopian government is concerned and I will be traveling in a few short weeks to bring our little man home. He is about 20 pounds now but I can’t wait to get him home and fatten him up! 😉

Getting him here is half the battle, he definitely will need medical care but we are believing that one way or another, through God’s grace our little man will be healed and whole and running after his sisters in no time!



5 thoughts on “Elijah Update

    • We are praying for God to move mountains.. Right now, the US Embassy is behind by 2 months in processing paperwork!

      We have a registry at Target for some things we realized we would need for him that we didn’t know before we met him (special car seat, formula, bottles, etc) and we are still about $1,000 away from the money we will need to bring him home.

      Prayer for all of these things would be fantastic! Thanks guys!

  1. The lord will keep hes promise at all times. That child was a gift from God and he will open every door possible man could closed them but God will open them to you and yours Amen. Love you God bless and keep going he is with you all the way. amen.

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