“What Can We Do?”

We’ve been asked this question a TON lately as I prepare (and wait and wait and wait some more) and prepare to head back to Ethiopia to get our son.

The first thing our family needs is prayer. We’ve already seen God surrounding us with people who understand Elijah’s special needs and people who are well versed in holistic medicine and how it affects the body as it would relate to Elijah’s health. But prayer for us is essential. We need prayer for the process to go quickly and smoothly, for the finances to fall into place and for our little man’s physical needs. We totally trust God to take care of all of those things.

As far as finances are concerned for the actual trip back to Ethiopia, we are just $1,000 away from what we will need to make the trip! I can not believe how close we are compared to where we were just 2 months ago! God has done the miraculous and all of you have been amazing blessings to our family! To help with this financial need, you can donate via paypal:

In addition, the Care Center Elijah has been living at for the past two years needs school supplies for the older children and Tylenol for the babies. Unfortunately, my suitcase can not handle any more clothing donations (weight wise) but a few more school supplies or medicinal supplies would be welcome.

Last but not least, we need a pretty particular car seat and a few smaller things we hadn’t planned on until we actually met him (he isn’t sitting up on his own and is still formula fed). For those few items, some family members (read: an excited Grandma who lives in Florida) asked that we create a Target registry, so the link to that is here:  http://www.target.com/baby/registry/lkdj95NyDm1zR_X9DjOxWw

Thanks again for your prayer support, seemingly endless financial support and being there for us as we have stepped out in the greatest faith adventure of our lives. We are abundantly blessed by all of you and pray that God would bless you all double as you come alongside us!

We love you all and could never thank you enough!


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