What is your legacy?

Having a team of leaders (in our ministry) that we feel responsible for is a lot like having kids. No snarky correlations meant as I sincerely mean that in the best way possible.

I love our leaders as if they were family, pray for them daily and love spending time with them. But it goes deeper than that.

In our lives, we know that what we do influences those around us. The choices we make not only affect the legacy we leave but also can impact the legacy of those who are influenced by us.

This past few months, we’ve gotten bad news and worse news. Leaders, friends and their families are dealing with health issues, some have lost jobs but the very hardest one was a very young woman in our church who is suddenly a widow. Life is hard and doesn’t always make sense to us.

One thing I’ve said to my kids is that just because the dark makes things feel scary doesn’t mean it needs to shake you. A room in the light can feel totally different from the same exact room in the dark. Nothing has changed but our perspective. Such it is when we walk through difficult seasons. Nothing changes when it seems as though we are stumbling in the dark… God is still there, waiting to scoop us up and tell remind us that He hasn’t left our side.

I pray that as we walk through difficulty in life that our children (physical and spiritual) would see us living that out.

I pray that our legacy would be one where we trust God no matter what the circumstance. That we would cry out to a God we know is ever present even when it feels that He may have abandoned us.

What do you want your legacy to be?


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