Almost time to fly!

I’m so excited to share that we have hit the very last piece to the Embassy process. After hearing that Elijah’s case could potentially bring us to sometime in December, Dustin and prayerfully decided to contact the International Adoption Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

We were put in contact with a fantastic physician there who looked over his chart and wrote a very detailed letter about Baby E’s health and strongly suggested he be able to immediately come here to get the care he so desperately requires.

That letter was submitted and TODAY we received an email stating that Elijah was cleared for a “finder interview” to be done THIS WEDNESDAY.

Unless there is something that I’m missing here, this means that we can be cleared for travel within a week!

This is amazing news and slightly scary news at once. While we can be cleared for travel very quickly, we currently have $5500 in, which will likely only cover our roundtrip airfare and Elijah’s trip home. There are still many other costs and fees associated with traveling to the tune of about $2,000.

I know that you have been there all along the way, you have prayed and you have given. At this time though, we just do not have $2,000 to make this happen and I just simply can not imagine having money stop us from bringing our baby home.

Please prayerfully consider giving to help us bring him home and please please please share this with anyone and everyone you know. This has been a long process and we are all more than ready to have our son home with us.

In the words of our 6 year old daughter (during prayer), “Ok, God. It’s been long enough. We need our brother home now. I bet he sure misses us.”

Thank you, a zillion times over, for journeying with us!


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