It’s Time to Get Our Little Guy! Help Us Get There?

Momma and Her GuyHi friends! I’m Victoria, a crazy lucky girl who gets to call Elisse her friend and Sister and sit ringside in this adoption process. Any friends of the Kipes are my friends, too. You people know how to believe big and be willing to watch as God moves mountains! As Elisse and Dustin and their gorgeous girls attempt to contain their joy over receiving word today that Elijah has been cleared to come home, I get the crazy honor of sharing the news with you and inviting you to help with the last lingering detail! Merry Christmas much?! When Elisse told me she had this radical assurance this would be our week, I knew something was up. Today they cleared the last of all legal hoops in the journey to bring their son home from Ethiopia. Now we face one final molehill…the actually bringing him home part. The week stay will be filled with so many moments of awe and final preparations and snuggling that one woman can’t make the trip alone. The flight home will be something like a billion hours, and our girl Elisse is going to need an extra set of loving arms to wrap around Elijah. Will you pray about helping to raise $2500 so a friend can make the trip with her? We can’t wait to see how the Lord pulls off this last leg of the race to uniting this sweet family! What a ride it’s been so far, thank you for your prayers and love and constant encouragement to hold fast to God’s promise from the start.


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