I will not leave you

Over and over during this adoption, I have spoken John 14:8 to myself to remind myself that Jesus was head of this Journey and he wasn’t going to leave us high and dry in this adoption. And over and over, I  prayed silent, tear-filled prayers and reminded myself that neither would we leave Elijah. “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you” has been the verse of the journey.

Over and over: in the difficulty, in the pain, in the confusion and in the waiting, God showed Himself to be everything He promised and more.

A year and a half of walking through this adoption is finally leading us to the beginning of our life as a family of 5 all under one roof.

As you are reading this, I am either in the airport waiting to board my plane or somewhere along the long trek to Ethiopia to get my son. Words can not do justice to all the thoughts and emotions I have been and am feeling right now. Blessed, relieved, and excitedly anticipating would be the very tip of the iceberg!

Here’s a few prayer requests as I go get my boy –

1. Please pray for easy travels for him and transition from the care center to staying with me.

2. Our Embassy appointment will be happening at 1pm on Thursday, which is 9am EST. I pray that God is glorified in this meeting above all.

3. Please pray for my family home as Dustin finishes up some projects, the girls hop around between family and friends (HUGE THANKS to all of you who are helping) and for their hearts as it isn’t easy for us to be separated. Worth it in the grand scheme of things, but hard on them nonetheless.

4. Finally, please pray abundant blessings on my friend LeAnne who has sacrificed so much for Baby E and our family. It isn’t easy to decide to travel halfway around the world to help someone transition their newly adopted son, but her family has selflessly chosen to do so.

Thank you for praying with us, walking us through this journey and loving our son! We are insanely blessed by you.

Stay tuned for a quick blog post on some attachment/bonding information and “housekeeping” that needs to be taken care of before he comes home to help with his transition.


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