He’s home, so now what?

I’m super excited that I will soon have a friend sharing her heart about her journey with adopting 3 kids a little over 9 weeks ago! Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a little bit about what you can expect from us in the coming weeks.The first several weeks, our family will be in what I’m calling “transitional hibernation.” It will be a self imposed period of figuring it out for everyone in our family and allowing E to get used to our home.

While meals will be happily accepted (think managing a newborn with colic under sever stress while trying to making it a fun time for 2 older siblings, one of whom is homeschooled), we will be limiting visits and outings for a while.

As you can imagine (or may know from previous posts), our boy has already experienced great  loss in his short 2 years on Earth and we are now getting ready to compound that for him. While it is exciting and wonderful for us, he is having everything he has ever known ripped out from under him. Add to that the fact that he was abandoned at just a few days old and the first orphanage was leaving him to die and I’m sure you can imagine that our he’s had a rough start which is probably only going to get a bit rougher before he can begin to trust us. (We understand and fully expect this).

Along these lines, we pray that you would understand why Dustin & I will be the only ones to respond to his needs for a while. If you are around and he cries because he is hungry or wet or just wants comfort, for the first few months, we will be the only ones to feed, change and comfort him until he can learn that we love him and are trustworthy. Once he begins to attach to us, he can then branch out to the others who already love him so much!

So what will be helpful for us?

1. “Big Sister” gifts for the girls or special attention on them when you see them.as most of the attention will be on Elijah.

2. Prayers for us as we are beginning this journey of healing with him.. this is the beginning of a lifelong process for our boy and our family.

3. Patience as we navigate this new area of our lives! We are encouraged and excited but this is all new for us as well.

We appreciate your prayers, support and love during this time!


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