6 weeks, already?!

Yes, you read that correctly! Elijah has been home with us for 6 weeks, which means I’ve had him with me for just shy of 7 weeks.

In that time, God has done incredible things in his little body. It’s not been without a struggle, though.

I find more and more that adoption is just like marriage: we can focus so much on the wedding day that the marriage hardly stands a chance. Covenant relationships are hard because love isn’t a warm, fuzzy feeling we get.. It’s a choice we make.

And let me tell you there have been many times in the past 6 weeks that I’ve wondered what on earth we were thinking. The crying… the loss… For Elijah, it was mourning the loss of everything he knew. For me it was mourning everything I dreamed it would be or initially imagined transition to be. And I’m ok with that for both of us.

Adoption is essentially taking strangers (at least international adoption is) and morphing their lives together. The kicker is that at least one of the strangers has suffered great trauma. So has it been easy? HECK NO. But has it been worth it? Oh my goodness, a zillion times yes.

We are privileged to watch Elijah blossom into an incredible little person and CRUSH the limitations the Dr.’s have set for him. I mean, for goodness sakes, guys – he STOOD up yesterday for a good 5 minutes. He stood!!! Up. The only assistance he has was leaning his head on Dustin.

When we met him in Ethiopia in August, he was a total board. His arms & legs didn’t change positions let alone sustain weight.

Beyond that, I see that my “calling” as his Mom is no different than my bio kids. My job is to spur him on to be the best he can be, to advocate for him and to occasionally tell someone who tries to limit him that they are stupid! (Laugh if you must but don’t put your limitations on him or my Momma bear comes out & she’s fierce).

So has this been the craziest 6 weeks of my life? Absolutely without a doubt. But I would do this again for him in a heartbeat. I would choose love over and over even when it’s the harder choice. It’s always worth it.


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