Because some days are like this

Not everyday in Kipeland begins with sunshine & unicorns.

Some days, there is more of this, than I care for.


I jokingly told some of the ladies at a conference that I spoke at recently that I was going to post some of the “non fb approved” pictures for everyone to see. So there you go, ladies!

Adoption isn’t all wonderful. I would be remiss to pretend that it is. We deal with seriously hard issues & I would do prospective adoptive parents a disservice if I made the standard something that isn’t attainable in real life. I would also trivialize the great loss adoptive children have been through to say that it’s always wonderful.

The kids come from hard places: emotionally, mentally and physically. Thankfully, while the task seems too big some days, I believe in a God who is so much bigger.

Each new day brings with it a new opportunity for our family to learn, grow and trust one another. And I’m thankful that each new day the bond is strengthened and our love is deepened.

Adoption isn’t for the faint of heart but for those who can handle a bit of stretching, the rewards far outweigh the risk.



3 thoughts on “Because some days are like this

  1. Wow! I am with you on not limiting Elijah! I am ever in awe of how God specializes in working out seemingly possible situations as I read the Bible. This encourages me to trust Him to do something amazing when situations in present day life seem too hard. You are a blessing and encouragement to me. May you rise up on those eagles’ wings with God’s strength and grace today and as you diligently put your hands to the many many responsibilities of mothering your three children.

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