My favorite “mistake”

I’ve been asked more times than I can count about why we chose to adopt Elijah with all of his needs. The truth is that God literally opened every. single. door. for Elijah. He was always meant to be in our family.

When we started on our journey, however, we initially thought about a domestic adoption, likely out of the foster care system. And I just didn’t think I could handle special needs because I’m not “that” Mom. So our initial application was for a child from the US with no special needs which is literally the opposite of what we ended up doing. (God does like to laugh at our plans, right?)

But He knew that I could advocate for Elijah. Because while I’m not a snuggly, soft spoken, apron wearing June Cleaver Mom, I am fiercely protective and know when my kids aren’t performing at their best. I’m not just going to roll over and allow Dr.’s to put Elijah in their little boxes and I’m thankful that we have seen HUGE improvements in his physical condition in the past few months despite what Dr.’s have predicted.

I believe that God always planned on using Elijah’s physical limitations to show off what He can do and the fact that we get to be the ones who witness that and can share it is a HUGE blessing for us.

So, did we plan to adopt a child with all His needs? Absolutely not, but if you are going to refer to his adoption as a “mistake”, then please know that it is the most amazing mistake we’ve ever made. And yes people have literally said we may have made a mistake by bringing him home with 2 little ones already in our home.

Let me just add that some of these questions were from well meaning loved ones who witnessed the sleep deprived, overwhelmed mess I was in the first 6ish weeks. But, anyone who knows me knows I looked the same way when the Poster child for colic herself (Princess Tori) joined our family. Transitions for me just aren’t pretty. Add jet lag and a new cafe to the mix and I looked like a crazed coffee deprived lunatic. But, I digress…

Our family is blessed by our son and not one of us would change a thing. Except maybe Elijah when he’s forced to endure PT.. or my singing. But that’s neither here nor there.


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