Someone Sees

Recently I’ve found myself clinging to the Corrie ten Boom saying “never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” When the circumstances of this life, the storms we walk through and the things that make us feel as if the rug was pulled out from under us come, I know that God is in control. He is faithful even when the storms rage outside and scare us. He is faithful when I can not see how I will get out of whatever hole I’m in (whether I climbed down in or was pushed down).

God is not surprised by the things that surprise us. He is not caught off guard. He is still the “God who sees” as much for us as He was for Haggar in Genesis 16:33.

This is the only way that I can explain the fact that Elijah’s emergency surgery came as a result of a routine MRI because he showed ZERO signs of a shunt malfunction even when it had stopped working for an unclear amount of time. This is the only way that I can explain the man at our church who should have been killed by a train, but survived and made it into our cafe, talk to my husband and later attend the church and give his life to Christ. This is the only way that I can explain my 6 year old feeling a need to raise money for orphans a world away who can not speak for themselves.

God sees. He sees the orphan, the destitute, the lost and the lonely. He sees the tears, and the hurts we try to keep bottled up. He sees the wrongs, hears the words that cut and the things that would seek to destroy us. He sees them and reaches out to us to walk us through the times.

I’m learning that life isn’t always about zooming through the hard times to finally land on Easy Street. Life is more often about fighting our way through the mud in order to be able to find the person stuck in it and help them make it through to the other side. And, If we can do this effectively, it is all the witness we will ever need.

Jesus goes before us, walks with us and loves us where we are. I pray that today, as you go along your day you would know that He is truly the God who sees…you.



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