Safety is an illusion

You know I’ve had SO MANY THOUGHTS since Elijah passed away. So many “what ifs, why didn’ts and how coulds” that my head was spinning for a little while. 

And then I came to the place where we all need to end as Christians… this place of surrender. I willingly choose to surrender my life to whatever it is that God has for our family. We don’t always know what that will look like or what it will mean and sometimes getting closer to God happens as we simultaneously move away from the things we assumed would happen. The plans we had for our family may not necessarily be the path God intends for us.

But it’s a funny thing, this act of surrender. It takes us from the illusion that everything is good and we are safe into the only real security we’ll ever be able to know. The kind of security we can only get from walking in the purposes of God. And He makes those purposes clear to us as we seek His face.

I don’t always understand the whys or whens or hows but I do know that I can trust God. With my whole life. And in the midst of the crazy and the heartbreaking I am learning that more and more. 

After all, how could God prove that He can save us from sinking if we don’t ever allow Him to draw us into the deep waters?


3 thoughts on “Safety is an illusion

  1. I am so sorry for your loss babe and like I said we might not know the reasons for things that happen but everything happens for a reason and it’s God’s reasons and God’s time. We have all the “should haves” “could haves” and “would haves” and all that will do is eat at us slowly. This is not your fault and you know the little guy is in a better place than this HELL we call earth. He’s up there with our Lord, running, playing and just being Elijah with no restraints from his disability, no pain, no suffering, only freedom and true happiness and peace. He is waiting for you and your family to come home and will be looking down at you from above. Keep your chin up babe. If you need to talk, I’m here for you..Peace, love and blessings coming your way…

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