I dream of a day when Christ – followers are so concerned with meeting needs and serving those around them that they are way too busy to judge people.

We have a responsibility as those who represent the Jesus we proclaim to love.  That responsibility goes something like this –

“He said to him, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and most important command. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22: 37- 39

I get so sad to think that someone would be so afraid of being judged in a church that they stay away altogether. What makes me sadder is that in many cases,  that would be true.

We want Jesus in our churches but we want the safe version of Him. Give us the alcoholics,  the homeless and the drug addicts but please make sure they smell nice and are cleaned up before you bring them in.

This isn’t what Jesus taught us to do, though. His example is one of a person who radically changed His surroundings because of the deep love He had for the people around him. And He loved them… truly loved them… exacty where they were.  They changed because of what they saw in Him. I changed because of what I found in Him.

A servant leader who loves me more than I could ever imagine. And He didn’t just stop there… He gave his very life to bridge the gap for me.

When is the last time we allowed that kind of radical love to lead us to those who need it most? And, really, don’t we ALL need it “most?”


One thought on “Dreaming

  1. Well said. And you are so right some occasions you will hear some of those replies. This is when my heart and soul get into a deep conversation with God and I pray God forgive those who do not know what they are saying. Show them the love you have equally for all of us. I have, had plenty of times the judge time of condemn instead of words of encouragements and happiness but it took a while for me to understand that God has simply told me stay away and just pray for they’re heart to find the true love he has for us. Amen. Have a blessing day. Continue the good work you are a truly inspiration.

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