Awareness isn’t enough

In the age of social media, I think we are often tricked into believing that a RT, a like, a share and a few sentences we spout off is really doing something.

Following Jesus is more than tweeting a scripture a day, caring about orphans means more than sharing a few sad pictures and current world events are not changing merely because we share some news links.

I think it is high time that we moved on our feelings-  and I really believe that there is a movement stirring up of people who are sick of status quo. There are SO MANY people that I know who are just tired of making a lot of noise while not actually changing anything.

The beautiful thing about Jesus is that he changed the landscape wherever he was.  Sure, he left some really pissed off religious people in his wake, but the lives of those he impacted told the story of a real hero.

The thing I loved and hated about the ALS challenge is that it brought awareness but most people didn’t even donate. Yes, they raised a ton of money but with all the big name celebrities donating, shouldn’t that number have doubled or tripled? And here’s the thing: if we aren’t careful, then all we have is awareness. Awareness of the hungry people in my community isn’t going to fill their bellies,  but partnering with a soup kitchen will!

I’ll never forget reading a Ghandi quote that one of my friends had in an email she sent me years ago: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” He was so spot on with that! Advocating and making a difference takes action.

Following Christ or even just making a difference in your piece of the world,  (whatever that is) requires doing more than angry tweeting or endless status sharing. It means figuring out how you can help and actually helping.

Trust me when I tell you that I am probably speaking more to me than to anyone else. I’m tired of sitting idly by as people all around me die from things that I have within my power to change. And if I can’t completely change their situation, what is stopping me from positively impacting their lives?

I’ll be sharing shortly what we are doing in our neck of the woods to make a positive difference and would love to hear ways in which you are able to serve your own communities. If we each served 3 hours per week in our own communities or abroad,  imagine the impact we could have!

I’m so looking forward to hearing your ideas so please share them below-


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