Family update

Who does God say you are? For our family, Dustin & I have known for YEARS (specifically 10 yrs) that we would grow our family through adoption.

And we did that with Elijah. But let me tell you a secret – before he went to be with Jesus, we had almost completed the process to adopt from the foster care system. The last step was getting our First Aid certification.

After that was done, we prayerfully decided to wait before we opened our home. About a month ago, we agreed to open it up with pretty strict parameters. And our agency wasn’t hopeful that we would have a child, but I knew that if there was a child out there for us, God would open the doors and if not, we would wait for His timing.

But there was someone out there for us and we have been visiting with sweet little L for a couple weeks now.

I’m excited to tell you that we go to court to have him officially placed in our home on Oct 14! And then the goal is adoption about a year after that.

We are over the moon excited and so thankful to be growing our family this way! Thank you for journeying with us and allowing us to share our lives with you!





9 thoughts on “Family update

  1. My eyes filled up with tears of happiness when I read your post. Praying the process of adding little L into your family goes smoothly. Thanks for sharing all of the pieces of your journey and heart ♡. Congratulations 🙂

  2. As I stand in my kitchen waiting for the coffee I just read the most amazing news! Congratulations all of you, how lucky you are to of all found each other. I find myself crying, these are tears of joy for you all. God bless and lots of love from The Daniels house xxxxxxxxxxxx

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