A new year & a dream

6 months ago, I felt as if I was stuck in limbo.  Our son had died a few months before,  we felt God speak that it was time to move on from the church we helped to launch and I knew we needed something to help us financially during the transition.

As I sought God for guidance, my girlfriend who traveled with me to Ethiopia, came to mind. I had silently watched her on fb as she got promotion after promotion and eventually earned a brand new, shiny,  Pearl Lexus from her business venture.

My skin was broken out, I had spent thousands of dollars trying to find some solution that would work, but even more than that, I had seen this business model work for her. Aside from her beautiful new Lexus,  she was also building a house and giving to missions and adoption in a way that I only ever dreamt of doing..so I took a HUGE RISK.

We prayed and then Dustin & I made the decision to start our very own Rodan + Fields business. It didn’t come lightly as I had tried another company & did well but hated playing catch up with inventory and I also loathed the party business model. At LeAnne ‘ s assurance that this didn’t follow that model, we jumped in. All in.

And you know what? My skin CLEARED after struggling with acne my ENTIRE LIFE. This alone is the gift that keeps on giving. I can hardly believe who looks back at me in the mirror these days! I have been 3, almost 4, months of being 100% foundation free and LOVING it.

And the impact this business has had on our finances has been profound. I can’t even believe the bills we have paid, the things we have done and the homeschool curriculum that didn’t formerly fit in our budget that we’ve been able to purchase. In December,  my check covered our Christmas gifts. Ya’ll, we have 3 kids in our care, 2 nephews, 3 siblings/2 inlaws, our parents & that doesn’t cover extended family. That is a LOT of gifts! This coming month,  I will be able to pay our mortgage. OUR. MORTGAGE.

Do you see why I’m so pumped about this & why I just couldn’t wait one more second to share? Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields are 2 Dermatologists that I can believe in. Their products work. The business model works and as 2015 begins, I knew I needed to shout it from the rooftops.

Now here’s your part of this. Aside from an online high-five (I love comments), I would love it if you could think of 1 person who could benefit from these products or this business. Who do YOU know that could use extra income? Funding an adoption? Paying off bills? Building a house? Let’s dream big things together for 2015!

I have lofty goals for this year! I want to invest in the lives of 1 person per week this year. That’s 52 of you! My heart’s desire is to see this business change the lives of 52 people this year. I want there to be an army of people with me who can proudly say that this business (or these products) has changed their lives for the better.

If you don’t make a decision to become a better you, in a better financial situation, will anyone do that for you?

This is one resolution I can truly get behind!

Email me at: elisselovesrandf@gmail(dot)com, find me on Twitter @elissekipe or on FB under Elisse Perez Kipe to find out more. Together, let’s rock 2015 from the very beginning!

Love & prayers!


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