What’s up in Kipeland, take 1

I don’t mind sharing our story,  even the hard parts,  because it is truly my greatest honor to share with others the incredible story that God is writing through our family.

There is absolutely nothing remarkable about our lives, but there is so much that is AMAZING about this God we serve.  And HE writes THE BEST STORIES!

At this point, I’m sure you have noticed that we haven’t posted much about our foster son. I would first like to say that I purposely wanted to protect him and his story. Those are just not my details to share. I do have an update now though, because he has transitioned out of our home. I won’t say much because, again, it is his story but I will share that yet again, God used this time to change us and allow us to love him more fiercely than we could have imagined. Our goal in fostering (although we hoped for adoption) was that any child we had would leave better than they came and I do believe that God allowed us to witness that.

Aside from that transition, there are lots of other things happening in Kipeland. More on that in the coming days…

As always, we covet you prayers and please know that we are honored when you ask us to pray for you!

Many blessings,  dear ones!


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